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Hybrid Cycling.

The first and most important decision rider has to make is to decide what kind of bike he wants to buy. By choosing the right kind of bike, will give the rider more thrilling experience. There are so many different types of bike which are available in the market place like road bike, mountain bike or hybrid bike. With such a huge collection of bike in the market, rider may get confused.



This article will provide a more detailed look at the hybrid bikes.Hybrid bike is a combination of mountain bike and road bike. It serves multiple purposes.

The Specifications of Hybrid Bikes

Hybrids bikes have lighter frames compared to mountain bikes but they are much heavier as compared to hybrid bikes. The handlebars of hybrid bikes are usually flat. One of the most important feature of hybrid bike is that, it allows the rider to sit in an upright position. Unlike race wheel, hybrid bikes wheels are heavier, large, and more firmly constructed. Tyre of Hybrid bikes is combination and a hybrid version of both road bikes and mountain bikes tyres.

‘Typical’ Hybrid

It’s difficult to classify the hybrid bikes, however can be divided into 2 categories: hybrid bikes for men and hybrid bikes for women. With best hybrid bikes for men and best hybrid bikes for women riders can enjoy the full range of riding experience from the road to hilly areas.

Hybrid bike is best suited for maintained cemented paths, and beginning level tracks. In continuation, it also fits best for smooth rides on paved roads.

Though, these bikes are known as hybrids, it does not mean that they can perform the functions of both bikes equally. Both types of bikes are unique on their own way. Mountain oriented hybrids will not be suitable for long distance riding on a cemented surface while road oriented hybrids will be the best choice, if riders are planning for a road style riding.


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Diamondback 2013 Women’s Vital Two Sport Hybrid Bike

When it comes to hybrid bikes, or any bike for that matter, women like you are not different from men. Naturally, you would want to have the best features that could give you comfort and convenience as you ride along your neighborhood or favorite bike trail.

Well, the manufacturers of this best hybrid bike hear your call and they have addressed your request with an innovative design that’s as comfortable as a comfort bike and as efficient as a road bike for any woman. Some diamondback hybrid bike satisfy the above criteria, Enter Diamondback 2013 Women’s Vital Two Sport Hybrid Bike. Four Features that Make the Diamondback 2013 Women’s Vital Two Sport Hybrid Bike a Must Have for Women

  1. Especially Made for Females


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Current Top Hybrid Bikes for Men

What are these hybrid bikes for men? Well, this is combining result of the best characteristics of both the Mountain Bike and the Road Bike. With versatility as its best advantage, the hybrid bike is suitable for both paved and dirt trails as well as for riding around your neighborhood or city.



Generally designed to put emphasis on comfort and ease of handling, the hybrid bike has a frame that is made from aluminum; hence it’s lighter and easier to navigate. It comes with a seat that’s in an upright sitting position for you to have a more comfortable ride while its ergonomic design also gives you the same comfortable position even in long distances. With its suspension fork and seatpost, you are guaranteed of offer better efficiency in pedaling. A hybrid bike also features bigger 700c wheels resembling that of a road bike. Due to the highpressure of these tires, it makes it easier for you to gain more speed and distance.If you’re planning on buying a hybrid bike but have no idea where to start because of the many brands lining the market, fret not. This article is here to guide and help you arrive at a wise decision. For you to choose from a selection that’s already deemed the best, here’s a look at the current top hybrid bikes for men available today. (more…)

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Being Overweight – Cycling do helps

It’s very easy to build up unwanted fat and become obese or overweight. But cycling can help you to lose your weight and get back into the proper shape. In today’s busy life, it’s very important to keep ourselves fit and healthy, physical and mentally both. Physical activities can protect us from various problems and life threatening diseases such as diabetes, quality of life, stress, psychological problems, cancer and obesity. Cycling can be considered as one of the easiest way to keep yourself active and physically fit. You can ride a bicycle almost everywhere irrespective of your age. Cycling is one of the best way to achieve fitness, because it is healthy, less expensive and pollution free.



When you do cycling to reduce your weight, it must be continued for a long period of time until you get the desired results. You may experience some discomfort, although you may feel the burn. But do not lose hope. You should take rest and then start again. Your weight loss journey will be more pleasant if you start off gradually. (more…)

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Alpine Mountain biking: Best Suited Bikes

In the previous 20 years or so, Alpine Mountain biking has under gone from a noticeably area of interest, loved, liked and enjoyed by the modest, competitive and semi critical cyclists, to incorporate other demographics by widening its attraction. Various marketing campaigns has triggered many individuals’heads in the direction of French and Swiss mountains as a potential vacation spot for family holidays.

Source:Alpine Mountain biking

Source:Alpine Mountain biking

This increase in popularity results in a comparable rise in gross sales of sports bikes like mountain bikes, 700cc road bikes etc. Alpine mountain bike is preferred by the cyclists due to its technical features. Many potential cyclists wants to purchase a new bike with various characteristics. Usually doubts begin at this stage of decision making. (more…)

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Cyclewith Adjustable Seatpost: Advantages

One of the most recent technological advancement in cycling industry, which has also been welcomed by the riders, is adjustableheight seatpost of a cycle. Adjustable seatpost is mostly preferred and liked by the cyclists all around the world. With the adjustable seatpost you can maximize your fun of cycling.Seatpost do feel different to some cyclists. In the recent past, cyclists usually use and demand fixed seatpost, with fixed seatpost the height of the seat can only be increase or decrease by adjusting the clamp of seatpost through the manual action of wrenches.


It can be said that adjustable seatpost have undoubtedly transformed the way riding was done. By using adjustable seatpost cyclists can set elevation of seat by simply pressing a remote button switch fixed around the handle, connected by a wire. Adjustable seatpost is also known as dropper seatpost, this innovative product make cycling more exciting and trilling and interesting by winning the hearts of cyclists. Some of the advantages of the adjustable seatpost are as follows: (more…)

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The Best Bicycle Wheels for Your Bike

The biggest improvement you can make to your bicycle comes from buying a high quality wheels. By fitting high quality wheels, you can improve the speed and handling of your bicycle. Good quality road bicycle wheels are especially designed to be lightweight hence stiff, keep the rotating mass to a minimum and also help you to keep rolling fast. There are various categories of bicycle wheels according to their advantages and uses.



With thousands of different available options, selecting and buying new wheels for your bike can be difficult and confusing task. Each of these types has their own advantages, disadvantages and features according to use. So it is necessary that’s you should have knowledge about the various types of wheels available in the market.This article is all about the various types of wheels and their characteristics. Description of each type of wheel is as follow: (more…)

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Outdoor Biking Vs. Stationary Biking –Advantages and Disadvantages

Outdoor biking and stationery biking has its own advantages and disadvantages. The selection between traditional bicycle and a stationary bike from gym should be done wisely, before investing a lot in buying your exercise equipment. The difference between these types of biking is quite clear. Outdoor bicycle give the rider more fun and thrilling experience while stationary biking provides less fun, because one has to ride the bike in a controlled environment.



This article will serve a guide to point out the pros and cons of outdoor and stationary biking by allowing the rider to select the most appropriate style according to the need.

The Traditional Bicycle:

Thisstyle was designed for riding on the path or on the road. Under the category of traditional bikes, riders have to select a most suitable bicycle as several other styles of bicycle for various styles of riding are also available now, like road bikes on surfaced pathways for speed, mountain bikes for off road cycling and comfort bikes which stand between these two styles are the most preferred ones. On of most exciting thing about this bicycle is that it gives you the feeling of riding any of these bicycles, without purchasing them. (more…)